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This will come as a great shock to many of you…but …I have actually booked a holiday. Not only have I booked a holiday …but ….I have booked for three weeks.

Three bloody weeks.

I have never had three weeks holiday in my life …ever…yet here I am …going in April …and …I don’t get back till May.

To top that I’ve even paid for it before the bill was due. So none of that booking bravado then shitting yourself when the balance comes due. This is so alien to me that I’m even looking for things to panic about and finding myself coming up short.

The weird thing about all this is that I’ve even begun to see why people like booking holidays. There’s the whole looking at the brochures thing – then there’s the thinking about all the places you could go – then there’s the actual planning stage.

But the real shocker to me (even though it’s obvious) … there’s the whole …looking forward to it …thing. I’ve found myself mentally wandering off to my holiday destination and imagining myself chilling out and getting a tan.

It gives you a focus and an aim – and it also allows you to ignore all the shite that’s going on in the world because you can think – I’m going away soon so it doesn’t matter.

So you’re all dying to know where I’m going – well my wife and I just hit our thirty year anniversary so we’ve pushed the boat out. We’re doing 9 days on one island in the Maldives then going for another ten days on a smaller island in one of those hotel rooms on stilts out in the sea ….

I was actually joking when I asked the tour operator – can I have one of those rooms out in the ocean please? – so was a bit taken a back when she said yes.

I’ve even managed to get my wife to promise to come deep sea fishing with me. This has been on my ‘bucket list’ for years… probably from watching too many Bond movies as a child. I have this image of me landing a huge tropical fish whilst Mrs C watches from the front of the boat in her bikini whilst drinking a martini …clapping her one hand against the side of the glass and looking at me over the top of her sunglasses….(nb my dreams are particularly detailed)…

So ….

No more cash flow for a few weeks.

No more targets.

No more planning meetings.

No more marketing.

No more blogs.

In fact …haven’t got a clue what I will do with myself …but I feel I will cope.

Mike C