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What is it that makes a business ‘work’…??

I’ve always thought that it was… ‘me’ –

Me… that brought the work in.

Me… that came up with the ideas.

Me… that did the website.

Me… that did the accounts.

Me… that chased the money.

….and Me that changed the toilet rolls.

However, it would appear that this is not the case.

I used to have a business partner 20 odd years ago who, whenever I had a holiday, took it upon himself to do bugger all ….meaning that the business made no progress. When he was away, I worked doubly hard to make up for the fact that he was off work.

This has left me with a deep distrust of everyone that works with or for me, and an unwillingness to take time off work. Recently however I have discovered that maybe my ex business partner was just a bit of a lazy arsehole …not everybody ‘swings the lead’ when I’m not around. In fact not only do people not ‘swing the lead’ they actually seem to thrive when I’m not there.

Perhaps I am not the only reason that people work hard at JKSL, perhaps other people have a work ethic …and aims and ambition as well?? ….this has come as a bit of a revelation…

So going back to the question- what makes a business work? – the answer is a little more complex than one single thing…

The offer that the business is making in terms of service and the role that the service provides within the market place is obviously a vital element. Then it’s down to how that offer is presented in terms of marketing and website – and how that marketing is dissipated into the work environment.

How are you going to gain customers??

How are they going to know that you are the best company to use..??

We obviously have Google and SEO (the wonderful Search Engine Optimisation) which is very much down to how much you want to spend…the bigger your budget, the bigger your audience will be.

Then after the initial contact has been made, it’s down to the service that’s provided.

It does appear that this is where JKSL excel – the team are hitting the right note with our customers who have given the company a high level of satisfaction in feedback forms. I have always emphasised that the initial contact should be dealt with as a highest priority.

First impressions last… and making sure that we have a receptionist and a full team dedicated to individual areas within the business – is vital to keeping customers happy.

So whilst it may not all be about ‘me’ – I think I have set out the way the business should operate – the lines have been drawn and the team are in place – now it’s down to them.

As a great person once said… there is no ‘I’ in team ….I would add that there is still an ‘m’ and an ‘e’  ….so there’s a lot of ‘me’ in there.

I do still have to change the toilet rolls though?

Mike C