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The trouble with nearly dying is that it makes you a bit ‘blasé’ about certain things. It kind of ups the stakes a little and makes what previously were key issues in life seem a little ….‘unimportant’ in comparison.

Things that seemed vital now seem a little mundane …and I’ve noticed it takes a lot more to get me riled.

Driving to work I’m letting people cut in on me, I’m letting people in less powerful cars overtake and I’ve even been known to stop on amber lights rather than shooting through even on the…. ‘early red’.

I’m now watching the television with a less aggressive viewing policy and am letting Mrs. C watch ‘Location, Location, Location’ without throwing anything at the image of Kirsty and Phil on the screen.

If people at work want maternity leave, paternity leave, dogernity leave or even grannyernity leave I’m more inclined to say ‘yes’ rather than firing them instantly.’

If someone approaches me in the street for a charity donation they are much more likely to be met with a kiss on both cheeks and a twenty pound note than the previously disliked knee in the groin followed by punch in the face.

What does this all mean?

I think it means I’m focusing on what really is important rather than my perceived little ‘Mike’ world where previously if things didn’t go exactly the way I wanted ….I got annoyed. I’ve now decided that if I can’t do anything about something – then there is no point getting stressed. ‘Live and let live’ might be my new mantra, rather than the old version – ‘live by my rules or burn in hell you bxxxxxd…’

This may be impacting on my work life in that previously I would aggressively chase every job until we won the work. I’m now adopting a more reasoned approach of – we know we are the best – but if the Client wants to use somebody else ….then ….that’s fine.

I think my priorities have been seriously re-configured.

It’s like I’ve been through a Star Trek transporter system and been changed during the process. It’s still ‘me’ but a rather laid back softer version that stops to ‘smell the roses’ and cries at girly films.

So if you see somebody that looks a bit like Mike Clough wandering along looking at wild flowers and hugging trees….don’t worry …this is the new revised version that might just be worth talking to.

Be warned – I do hug people a lot more though.

Mike C