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It’s ALL about the money…

I have had a couple of great days out recently – both were corporate hospitality.

You know how people invite you to events and 99% of the time you think …. ‘naah …can’t be bothered’ – well this time I thought… ‘you know what…I’m going to go’.

For years I have been ignoring days at the horse racing, nights at the opera, track days, launch of a new car etc etc but having been invited first to Aston Martin, then to Wimbledon I thought this sounds too good to miss.

I have also lately been feeling that life is way too short. So many times, you put things off to do tomorrow, then (as we all know) tomorrow never comes, and you don’t do the thing you’ve put off. So, the new older, wiser me has decided to get some experiences under my belt before it’s too late ….

The day with Aston Martin was just a real treat. The history and the story behind the brand was just amazing – and for a man who loves his cars you just couldn’t have a better day.

Wimbledon again – a real treat.

But…and here is the crux of the blog – I’m left with a bit of a feeling of elitism.

These were both amazing days, really well organised…. but …both were based on my buying power and the balance of my bank account.

What I’m getting at here is – I’m already an owner of an Aston Martin and I already shop at Ralph Lauren (the Wimbledon event)- what I really could have done with is having these events before I’d spent any money with these companies?????

When I was a young man I would have given body parts to have been taken round Aston Martin and been allowed to drive their cars.

My dad would have sold his soul to get to see the men’s semi final at Wimbledon but he never got the chance – and he never shopped at Ralph Lauren….

Ok, ok, ok…. I’m not stupid… I know how all this works and I know that only by having people spend money do these events work.

It’s all about sales and margin and marketing budgets…

…. but what about the people that aspire to these markets and aspire to these cars – shouldn’t there be some way that everyone could experience these events??

Way too many of life’s pleasures are available only to the wealthy and to the limited few – I’m not sure… but maybe I’m thinking this isn’t right.

I’m thinking that maybe this should be changed.


Mike C