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I do like a bit of marketing.

People often say to me ‘your marketing company are a bit off the wall aren’t they??’- well yes – but thats because it’s mainly ideas that I’ve come up with – brought to life by people with apple computers and a sense of style…

What’s it all about I hear you ask?

Well its about getting people talking about Japanese Knotweed Solutions – and by connection – getting people talking about invasive species.

My stance has always been to get people questioning what it is that we do. The vans and adverts that we use aren’t meant to make perfect sense – I just hope that people are interested enough to look at the website and follow up their initial interest.

Hence we have zombies and undead monsters covering our vans – and take off’s from popular films like Cloverfield Lane (has Japanese knotweed) and Mission Impossible (our mission – to prevent cross contamination)….

The loose link if you wish to find one – is the zombie/undead theme that covers much of our artwork. Japanese knotweed buried beneath the ground coming back to haunt you long after you think it’s dead ….

Our latest (ok it’s my latest idea) is taking off famous album covers – classic albums re-worked to include Japanese knotweed –

So far we have:

‘London Calling’ – by The Clash – reworked to become ‘Knotweed Calling’ – with Paul Simonon hitting the emerging knotweed with his guitar in the classic Penny Smith picture.

‘Combat Rock’ – by The Clash – reworked to become ‘Combat knotweed’ – with the railway line in the background on the album cover being encroached by Japanese knotweed

‘Bat out of Hell’ – by Meatloaf – reworked to become ‘Plant out of Hell’ –

‘Wish you were here’ – by Pink Floyd – becomes ‘Wish you weren’t here’ featuring Japanese knotweed being incinerated on the cover along with the man in flames….

You see where I’m going with this…??

‘Definitely maybe’ – Oasis – becomes ‘Definitely knotweed …’

….anybody else got many ideas for the next batch???

Mike C