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I’m thinking of adopting a new business strategy …lying.

I was in a meeting last week with a pretty high powered client and he said…’*********’’ a competitor of yours state that they can kill Japanese knotweed in a single application of herbicide’ …..then went on to say…. ‘why would they say that if it wasn’t true..?’

Well Mr High powered client if …every decent honest company tells customers that Japanese knotweed will typically take 3 to 5 years of repeat herbicide application …and some bunch of lying no good rip off merchants say they can do the job with one visit…who do you think will get the work?

Now there is a faint crack in this strategy …if ….as any decent contractor would expect – there is re growth after the ‘all powerful’ single spray with a ‘ secret mix’ then how does Mr ******** get round this??

Well …for a start I would suggest looking closely at any paperwork provided by ‘********’ – what you will probably find will be some very small print that states ‘…if there is any re growth we will come back…(neatly sidestepping the ‘kill it with one spray …’ ….lie). As regards the cost of these works they will then sell you an insurance backed ‘guarantee’ (maybe even from Lloyds of London) …and bingo they’re covered.

So …would I ever adopt this strategy – well no….I couldn’t.

One of the main differences between JKSL and some of the ‘other’ companies out there is that my team are actually from a horticultural background – they aren’t ex car salesmen or double glazing experts or even experts in franchising…they know about plants, and they know about invasive species.

This is why they don’t trot out any bullshit because they know invasive plants have a way of surviving that defies most standard techniques.

Do you really think Japanese knotweed would be so problematic if a single herbicide spray would kill it …really? Really?


Mike C