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The Environment

JKSL take environmental responsibility seriously and undergo BASIS Advanced Contractor Certification Scheme (BACCS) audits. The scheme is currently a voluntary indicator of service quality and environmental compliance. The Certification is likely to become a valuable benchmark as economic conditions tighten and the offering of ineffective ‘quick fix’ solutions becomes more tempting to less scrupulous operators.

JKSL are also accredited with ISO 14001 and aim to constantly review and improve environmental performance. These are the factors which make the Company industry leaders both in terms of quality of service and environmental awareness.

Combining more than 15 years of experience with cutting edge capabilities:

Reduce Impact on the Environment

Our working methods are designed to reduce impact on the environment to a minimum. It is our intention to return the British countryside to its natural state by removing alien species, whilst causing as little damage to indigenous plants as possible.

Japanese Knotweed Solutions continue to be at the forefront of new technology relating to Japanese knotweed eradication and have launched MeshTech; their chemical free patented technology.

What Next?

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