Jamie Clough


Previous experience: 

Lots of customer facing roles in cafes, restaurants etc. I did Fine Art at University, and consider myself quite the arty type (most people in the office don’t know if I’ll come in with a different hair colour one week to the next!).

Company experience: 

I started my time here covering as a receptionist one summer break whilst I was at University. I then took over as maternity cover for Suzanne once I’d left Uni. I have since changed roles within the office, but still feel as valued as before.

I have a good grasp of all the roles within the office now, and I do my best to help everyone out as much as I can.

Favourite part of your job: 

I enjoy organising things; give me anything to alphabetise or put in an orderly arrangement and I’ll be happy!

Least favourite part of your job:

Anything involving mathematics – luckily I don’t have to do much in this role.

Interests away from work: 

I am passionate about the planet, and follow a Vegan way of life. I love listening to music, and I enjoy cycling, Yoga, Pilates, and keeping fit in general.

I am currently training to be a Pilates teacher in my spare time with the Pilates Foundation.

If I could be anywhere: 

I would love to go back to Japan – I went there in 2014, but there is so much of it I haven’t been to, it’s a really massive (and beautiful) place.

Favourite line from a film: 

“Well, it’s been swell, but the swelling’s gone” - Tank Girl (1995)