Chris Oliver

Operations Manager

Previous experience: 

I have worked in a variety of sectors, including international commerce, training and retail & hospitality. I speak German, Spanish and French and want to learn Japanese.

Company experience: 

Since starting in 2012, I have worked in different areas of the business, learning the trade and improving organisation and management systems. I have passed the rigorous BASIS Invasive and Injurious Weeds course and the NEBOSH NGC1 amongst others. On top of this, I am proud to have been involved with the trade body INNSA in an administrative capacity.

Favourite part of your job: 

I love learning and developing new things and new processes, and I enjoy writing the odd newsletter article.

Least favourite part of your job:

Debugging the new systems that I have put in place in the Operations Department.

Interests away from work: 

I play music and write articles for the music blog Silent Radio and the special-interest publication the British Go Journal.

If I could be anywhere: 

On stage, preferably at a festival, in the sun.

Favourite line from a film: 

“Tell me about an ambush? I ambushed you with a cup of coffee!” [Ronin]