Testimonial By Lesley Hine

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Lesley Hine

“I have recently used your company’s services to deal with a Japanese knotweed issue and as someone who runs their own business which deals directly with the public; I could not close my file on the matter, without writing to you personally, to record how impressed I have been with every aspect of the service you have provided. Without exception your staff have been courteous, pro-active, efficient, prompt and helpful to a fault. It is very rare in this day and age to come across such a well-run organisation, where everyone clearly takes pride in their work and is prepared to go the extra mile to help the end user. I’m sure that you are very proud of your company and its operation and rightly so. I will be sure to give your name to the surveyors I am in contact with and will recommend them to contact you if they have a need of ‘expertise’ in the knotweed area”