The Creation of Knotweed October 27, 2022

The Creation of Knotweed (Italian: Creazione di Knotweed) c 1850, is a fresco painting by Italian artist Michelangelo. He became obsessed with Knotweed and is portrayed in many parts of his later work. It illustrates the first infestation from the Book of Invasive Species in which God plants the seed with Adam, the first gardener.

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Moaning Lisa October 20, 2022

The Moaning Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, has been described as “The best known, the most visited, the most written about and most sung about Knotweed masterpieces in the world”. The painting depicts Lisa from Salford, who dedicated her life to removing Japanese knotweed from her backyard with no success.

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Stop Start, Stop Start October 19, 2022

Can I just make a point that some people seem to just not understand?

When you run a business, you plan your weeks ahead to ensure that your teams remain busy and the cash flow runs smoothly.

To do this you require a list of projects, an order book with start dates, completion dates and payment terms agreed.

Sounds fairly straightforward.

So why, oh why, has the last twelve months seen a huge increase in people just changing the start date. When I say ‘change the start date’ I’m meaning on the Friday night before arriving on site the following Monday we get an e- mail saying … ‘Can we put you back a week?’…

Can we just stop a moment?

We’ve booked hotels, we’ve arranged deliveries, we’ve got machinery arriving ….and you just want us to put it back a week?

Even after we’ve cancelled everything – what do you expect us to do with the labour element that now have nothing to do? Should we put them in a glass cabinet for a week with a sticker that reads ‘Break glass in case of work’…

We even had a client that cancelled at 3pm on a Friday …. then asked that we revert to plan A at 6.45pm the same day.

People please can you give some thought to the chaos that this causes.

Sorry, rant over….and breathe.


Mike C

New stuff… rubbish October 5, 2022

Have you bought a new car recently?

Have you replaced your old vehicle with a shiny new version of the same car? …are you happy?

Chances are that an awful lot of people who think they’ve upgraded their vehicle are actually thinking – ‘ i wish I’d kept the old one…’

This is because of the ‘s’ factor that the suppliers are trying to keep us in the dark about. ‘S’ in this case stands for ‘shite’.

Stuff just ain’t built to the same standards that it used to be.

I’ve had three Audi RS6’s and each one has been worse than the last. Yet each time I get pulled in by the… increased horse power, ….the increased torque, …the new lights…(sorry I know… but they looked so good on the advertising video) …

Yet here I am thinking … ‘I wish I’d kept the orange one…’

This dear reader is because each version of the car has seemed a little less ‘well built’ than the one that went before.

My first Audi (an A4 Quattro) never put a foot wrong.

My current RS6;

Failed sat nav
Failed headlight washer
Failed connection to Bluetooth
Failed alternator
Failed sat nav – again
Failed connection to Bluetooth – again
Failed tyre pressure monitor
Failed SOS monitor
Failed rear automatic boot cover
Failed sat nav – again
Failed connection to Bluetooth – again

This on top of various bits of trim dropping off and being clicked back into place.

To be honest, it’s just not good enough.

The dealership haven’t quibbled about repairs …but that’s not the point. They say ‘nip in’ and we will sort the problem …but it’s not a… ‘nip’ …is it?

It’s a day, let’s be honest…by the time you’ve driven in, had a coffee, waited for the repair, had a biscuit, chatted to the receptionist …a day has passed.

…and I’m sorry – but I’ve got better things to do.

Anyway to the point of this blog.

Audi RS6 for sale – immaculate condition – never had a problem – offers?

Mike C