Medals June 10, 2020

I feel that somebody needs to start doing some ‘joined up’ thinking.

Decisions seem to be made and publicised without the proper element of thought required to make us both believe that the information is correct and for us to act accordingly.

Face masks for example.

Statement: Face masks are not required. They have no benefit to either the user or the people around the user.

Statement: Face masks are required. They will in some situations prevent the spread of COVID 19.

(Thinks…Oh hang on – if we say face masks are required there may be shortages for the NHS.)

Statement: Face masks are not required.

Sorry, but EITHER they are required, or they’re not….shortages are irrelevant….it’s either a fact …or it’s not.

Credibility fail.

Then we go on to thoughts around providing medals for people within the NHS who have worked in the most appalling situations looking after the patients requiring their help during this crisis.

What a great idea, what a great way of saying ‘thank you’ – I was busy, mentally applauding this article, when I noticed the continuation of the piece.

 After suggesting a medal for NHS workers, the writer continued to explain that another medal was being suggested.

 A medal for the queen to celebrate her 70 years on the throne.

 Way to go in devaluing the NHS medal.

 Think these things through please somebody.


Mike C