Here to Guard your Property January 23, 2020

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The first rule of Japanese knotweed elimination is to be able to recognise whether or not you have it present and active in your location. Flagging up the problem correctly is the starting point in any war raged on the notoriously territory-grasping weed, a real villain of modern horticultural times. The danger of Japanese knotweed to Britain’s homes and wildlife is clear and ever-present, but successful identification paves the way to effectively tackling the problem and ultimately defeating the enemy.


Japanese knotweed is nothing if not a master of disguise, with Japanese knotweed taking on somewhat differing guises and characteristics throughout the calendar year, which certainly keeps us on our toes as we set about making a positive identification. This is why the process of how to identify Japanese knotweed needs to be handled by professionals like us, experts who know what we’re talking about. Once confirmed, we can help advise you on potential Japanese knotweed removal costs.


Japanese knotweed can ravage a property and do real lasting damage to much of the immediate surroundings. What will stop it in its tracks though, is seeking help from Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd. Combining our experience – over 15 years in the Japanese knotweed removal business and counting – with our extensive knowledge on the current industry regulation and accepted practices, JKSL can offer you the most cost-effective means by which to rid your land/property of this green menace.


How do you kill Japanese knotweed? The invasive plant has been known to impact entire gardens and cause thousands of pounds’ worth of damage to buildings if it’s not eradicated early enough. Fully exterminating the weed has proved difficult due to the extensive rhizome network associated with the plant. It only takes a small fragment of rhizome for it to grow. It can be transported through soil importation, during construction or even by footwear. Fortunately, with consistent and persistent efforts Japanese knotweed can be eliminated.