No – I’m not working weekends… October 9, 2019

The world has changed so much in the time that I have been working.

My first job was working at Liptons Supermarket in Glossop over 40 ago. I was still at school, I was young, I was naive but I was enthusiastic to earn some money.

But …let me put it out there people, I was… SEXUALLY abused. The story is a little more complicated because I actually enjoyed the experience. Sorry – I know this is off the politically correct path which we all now follow – but what happened was not life changing or the stuff of nightmares – but it was abuse.

The storeroom ladies basically put any new employee through a ‘hazing’ process where they each snogged the new boy. Now a couple of the storeroom ladies were a little on the old side and maybe pushing the limit on age difference – but a couple of them were seriously ‘hot’ – so I’ve got to tell you ….I was ok with it…

It didn’t ruin my life and I didn’t feel particularly violated.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating this type of thing – but what I am saying is – it didn’t need a court case or anyone getting arrested to sort it out – it was a bit of a laugh … and the store girls were famous for it.

My next job was in ‘Walls Meat Factory’ – in this role I was recognised for having a degree…. so the team made me ‘head man’ due to my intelligence (or that’s what they said). They made me a hat with ‘head man’ written on in felt pen.

My role in case you hadn’t twigged – was removing all the severed pigs heads and putting them in a separate container (head man – get it)…it was a gross disgusting job which also came with health and safety risk of getting cut by the pigs sharp teeth – often resulting in bleeding fingers and multiple plasters.

I didn’t sue anybody, I didn’t complain I just got on with the job and put up with the joking and ribbing that went along with it.

I then had a job as a plumber’s mate.

We had hours of driving around – leering at young ladies shouting obscenities out of the window and trying to attract their attention. Nobody complained, nobody got sued and generally the girls laughed and leered back at us.

All I did was brew up…all day long… every day… ‘get us a brew lad’.

This often involved tip toeing along ladders and climbing walls, going beneath floorboards or in attics – carrying a scolding hot cup of tea – which if it went cold was rejected – no safety equipment provided of course.

I didn’t complain, I didn’t sue anybody I just got on with the job and looked forward to my pay packet at the end of the week.

I then moved on to working as a landscape labourer.

Now in my day the boss would tell you where they were working then you had to make your own way there….and your own way back. You started work at 7am and finished at 5.30pm with 30 minutes for lunch. You wore your own clothes and no safety equipment was provided. Your hands would get shredded with blisters and cuts but you just got on with it.

You worked in the sun, you worked in the rain, and you worked in the snow. The job had to be done so you just got on with it.

Nobody got sued, nobody got arrested – the job got done.

However nowadays you simply ask somebody to work on a weekend – which it clearly states in their contract that they must do if asked…

…and they produce a solicitor’s letter telling you why they aren’t going to follow their contract.

Can I suggest that some people just don’t know when they’ve got it good.

Mike C