Don’t…. it’s not worth it. June 5, 2019

I know I prattle on about the same things – so apologies for those of you that are frequent readers. But whilst we continue to lose work to companies not qualified to deal with invasive species, I’m going to keep going on about it.

Many companies being asked to provide for removal of Japanese knotweed just don’t understand what it is they’re dealing with – yet they’re happy to give a price for works that they feel ‘a …little bit qualified to do…’.

Yes, I’m getting at you haulage contractors, and you ‘muck away’ companies …and yes you plant hire operators.

Just because you know about digging holes and moving muck – doesn’t qualify you to deal with invasive plants. I wouldn’t dream of doing the works that you are qualified to do – so why would you feel capable of doing what my teams have been trained to do… and are experienced with??

It’s that same old bug bear of mine – money money money – you think you can make a few extra quid so you say… ‘yes – we can deal with your knotweed problem..’ NB this is said with fingers crossed and a sly look whilst whistling the theme from Pinocchio.

Please be aware – these guys are cheap ONLY because they don’t know what they’re doing. They can dig big holes but are they removing knotweed root and rhizome or are they digging out clean soil.

Who knows?? – they certainly don’t. They read an article that says JK goes down 2 to 3 metres and seven metres in all directions …so that’s what’s being dug out whether it contains knotweed or (k)not….and you’re going to be charged for it…. even if it’s clean soil.

What happens when you want a warranty for your newly built houses…?? They can’t provide it.

What happens when the knotweed re-grows …?? They have no experience with chemical treatment or even identifying new growth.

Just say no.

Get an expert.

Mike C