Does anyone give a crap…? July 18, 2018

As I journey through my little life I find myself wondering what’s happening to the world.

People racing everywhere on their powerful motorbikes and cars, pushing and shoving their way around the road system with no respect for any other road users. I see litter piling up along the main road outside my house from people throwing the McDonalds wrappers out of their car windows.

Then I go for walk and see dog excrement that’s been scooped, bagged and tied with a neat little knot – left on the footpath or tossed on the verge. What the fuck is that all about – leave it and don’t bag it rather than bag it in a non-biodegradable plastic bags you numpty – who the hell does this anyway???

Nobody seems to give a crap about anything anymore other than their own little bubble.

My worry is – it’s getting worse.

My thinking is that if we are seeing this on an individual level and seeing it locally – then it’s got to be happening globally and we just aren’t aware yet.

Those people that we’ve put in charge? The politicians – the police – the army – the whole armed forces thing. Are they actually looking after us …? or are they on some mission to ensure that  THEY are looked after.

Everyone’s got an angle.

Theresa May – I’m betting she’s got some BREXIT thing going on.

I’m going with, in twenty or so years’ time. It will come out that she bought shares in some European based company that makes huge sums of money if we make a complete balls up of leaving the EU…

The article will read … ‘May makes Millions from Euro fuck up – it’s has been proven that Theresa May made £150 million from being a complete twat over the Euro negotiations’.

We will all go …’aaaah I knew something was going on’ – but it will be too late… we will all be working in German factories and being whipped by French team leaders who all talk so fast we can’t understand them. England will have become a European rubbish dump but Theresa will no longer live here she will be on an island somewhere way beyond our reach.

I also have a theory that we’re all being poisoned.

The reason that we let the politicians do this to us – is that we’ve been slowly fed some mind control chemical that numbs us to everything. Have you noticed recently that food just isn’t tasting the same? The cheese burger or sausage that just tastes odd?? That’s the chemicals they are feeding us. They did it during the war and now they’re doing it again.

The actual mind control happens during ‘Love Island’.

You’ve all been sat there lapping it up looking at boobies and budgie smugglers …. when actually you’ve just been brainwashed into thinking everything’s fine…. England are going to win the World Cup and Theresa May is going to get us a good deal on Europe.

Yeah right.

I’m the only one not taken in.

I know they’re watching me.

Mike C