Like April 11, 2018

What does it take for somebody to actually click on the ‘like’ button?

Let’s talk Instagram or Facebook – we all ‘like’ stuff that our friends put on – pictures of kids, babies, puppies or anything related to your ‘Mum’ will generally get a good response.  If somebody gets badly treated by a shop or a restaurant then the ‘likes’ just go through the roof …

But …what about LinkedIn??

We’re not really ‘friends’ on LinkedIn are we ..? – more of an ‘acquaintance’ or a ‘working relationship’ – more of an ‘on-line’, firm handshake and a quick hello but nothing intimate or personal gets mentioned as it just wouldn’t fit the user profile.

So how does one ever know what people make of Mike Clough ranting away every week?

Believe it or not I get over 2000 people a week reading my blog …but usually get a maximum of just three likes.  So that means that I get a minuscule percentage of people that actually ‘like’ what I write.

Does that mean the other 1997 people don’t like what I’m saying ….or just didn’t click the ‘like’ button?

So as a social experiment can you all either click ‘like’ or send me a note saying ‘don’t like’ then we all know what’s going on?

Thank you…………in anticipation.

Mike C