Christmas woes…. December 13, 2017

I’m sorry but Christmas is just a pain in the ass.

There I’ve said it. I’m on the naughty list. I’m down for a bag of soot…

I know I’ve blogged about this before but it’s a serious issue which needs to be addressed by somebody with some common sense – not just a bunch of elves.

In a situation where the construction sector is struggling to break even and productivity is down….do we really need a month where nothing gets done?

Sorry but it’s true. Everyone gets in a Christmas state of mind; accounts departments stop paying invoices about mid-December and don’t start paying anything till mid-January (I think you’ll find this is… a month).

Deliveries and equipment hire goes a bit bonkers and stop delivering and picking up their machinery mid-December and then not picking up till mid-January (a month again then) …oh and by the way YOU are responsible for any damage during this period.

Nobody ever makes any decisions to build anything just before Christmas and you can never get any sense out of anybody until end of January whilst they sober up.

We’ve already worked out that no accounts departments are paying your bills so no money is coming in …yet all your team deserve a Christmas bonus…. (NB not only do they deserve it …they will kill you if they don’t get it …because they’ve already spent it).

So how about we cancel it this year?

Let’s have a staggered Christmas where everyone gets to pick their own date for festive activities?

You can have Christmas in February, whilst you, have it in March – selective and phased – so nothing ever actually stops?

Accounts can be off whenever they want …so long as the department is never actually shut – and payments can continue throughout the year.

Christmas’s bonuses can be staggered to be paid when the actual team member specifies that they want their holiday – so payments are spread throughout the twelve months.

The final sales pitch for my staggered Christmas – endless parties!

We have a Christmas party each time a team member takes their hols…so we get a party every few weeks…

Come on – vote yes ….

Mike C