Feast and Famine?… March 22, 2017

How many of us face this problem on a weekly basis?

One week we have nothing much to do (that can be invoiced), the following week we have a multitude of projects that all require manpower and that have all been promised to be delivered within a set timescale.

How much better it would be… if we could take project ‘A’…. and move it back (or forwards for that matter) so that we had an equal amount of works each week…

Doesn’t happen though does it?

Each client that you have feels, quite rightly, that they should be your priority and that the date that you have promised should be adhered to.

The accepted policy within JKSL is that you agree to each client’s request – and then you make it work…but…bloody hell… it would be easier if we had some flexibility.

I have spoken before about having a team of men in a glass cabinet in the office with a sign that says – ‘break glass when you get busy’. Unfortunately, our lads do not like sitting around in glass cabinets waiting to get paid…they require paying every week whether we have invoiced anything or not ….

So, we do the weekly juggle… of staff… and projects… and machinery…

I suppose people will say that if we were ‘better organised’ or had a better ‘depth of work’ that we could plan and strategise to avoid these types of scenarios. The problem with much of our work is that it is ‘reactive’…many of our clients not realising that they have an invasive species problem until late in the day …

We are often also the first contractor on site so any issues with planning or neighbor disputes often hit our start date right where it hurts…we get pushed back a week …which then fucks up our start date with the next client.


It’s the problem of a successful company though.

If we were less ‘bothered’ we would simply let clients down and miss deadlines – but – the team at JKSL don’t just sit around and disappoint our clients – we strive to hit all of our targets and we strive to excel…

We just want to excel 24/7…and we hate sitting around twiddling our thumbs when there’s work to be done.

Mike C