Speeding Fines? December 7, 2016

How about the police give you credit …for not speeding??

One of my team has just picked up three points for speeding whilst driving into the Dartford Tunnel. The lights flash and the camera records a fairly innocuous 50mph in a 40mph zone having come straight from a motorway and doing 70+mph. The driver in question is a good driver – he covers tens of thousands of miles every year for Japanese Knotweed Solutions and has never had an accident – he is (I repeat) a good driver.

The three points he has received will be added to the two other lots of three points that he has accrued for similar minor transgressions. This means he will have 9 points – one more offence and he will be banned.

Now it occurs to me  that a driver that does 40,000 miles a year is a damn site more likely to get points on his licence than someone who does 400 miles per year – yet they both are allowed twelve points? Yet it also occurs to me that the driver who is knocking up 40,000 miles per annum is probably the better driver than the 400 mile motorist ….simply through experience and dealing with traffic…?

How about some sort of mileage related scheme whereby if you do more miles you are allowed more points??

Or how about – you do 10,000 trouble free miles and you get three points knocked of your tally??

My car is capable of 200+mph – I feel I should get an award every time I drive within the speed limit??

Seriously though – roads have changed – the way we drive has changed – maybe we need to re-think how we manage the way people are penalised???


Mike C