Technology… March 30, 2016

Don’t you just love gadgets?

I just can’t get enough Apple products – I just love the whole user experience… from the website through the ordering process and finally the delivery of the white box containing all the goodies.

…and they come ready charged

…and they all talk to each other

…and you don’t have to add each Wi-Fi password because the other kit has already told the new kit what the password is!

Phone, i-pad, Mac –pro, pen, watch…whey hey hey …fantastic…

But – I’m getting a few bad feelings..

I can now find my wife wherever she is, whenever I want.

I don’t… but I could.

This means that other people can track me – wherever I am – whenever they want …if they hack into my phone. Which could mean that a competitor who wanted to know which sites I was looking at …could just download some spyware…and my business is screwed.

The Inland Revenue could track me wherever I go, the VAT man could follow my every move – all the information on my movements could be sent to some central system that then send me adverts for shopping stuff I don’t need?

It’s already happening with Amazon….

…and what about the old ‘boys in blue’.

What about my driving skills? I’m pretty sure if someone monitored any of my bits of kit they could work out that I don’t always obey the speed limit (allegedly)…and I would be banged up without any defence?

I’m not saying it’s going to happen …but it could.

…and what happens when it all goes wrong?

I am currently moving from Power-point (Microsoft Windows) to Keynote (Apple) for my presentations and have been introduced to ‘Airdrop’ – which appears to only work when magical words are said??*

*NB the key magical words appear to be …’why the f**k isn’t this working’…

In the past my skills were limited to – turning something off and on again…now I have to work out the vagaries of Bluetooth and Airdrop…

I like to bang said item of technology on the table when they don’t work or hit them with the palm of my hand.

These now toys aren’t built for this sort of treatment. How do you give something a slap when you can’t even see it – bloody ‘Cloud’…bloody ‘Bluetooth’…bloody ‘Airdrop’.

Maybe it’s time to retire?

I suppose when I’ve got dementia ….at least I’ll be able to find my wife if I lose her.

Mind you when I’ve got dementia …I probably won’t even know I’ve lost her? ….and definitely won’t remember to charge all my bits of kit….


Mike C