Japanese Knotweed Identification

Identifying Japanese Knotweed is done through its large green oval-shaped leaves and bamboo type stem. The plant has different identification characteristics throughout the year:

Japanese Knotweed Identification - SPRING

japanese knotweed identification

During March to April the plant sends up new shoots; red-purple in colour with rolled back leaves.

Japanese Knotweed Identification – SUMMER

japanese knotweed identification

The plant is a perennial with distinctive branching, hollow, bamboo-like stems covered in purple speckles, often reaching 2-3 metres in height. The leaves of the mature plant are up to 120mm in length with a flattened base and pointed tip and are arranged on arching stems in a zig-zag pattern.

Japanese Knotweed Identification – LATE SUMMER

The plant flowers late in the season, August - October with small creamy white flowers. Although seeds are produced they rarely survive.

Japanese Knotweed Identification – WINTER

japanese knotweed identification

During Winter the leaves die back to reveal orange/ brown coloured stems which may stay erect for several years. Stem and leaf material decomposes slowly leaving a deep layer of plant litter.

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